Buy a home

Looking to buy a home?

Have you always wanted to buy a home, but you aren’t sure you can? Have you got your finances lined up, but you aren’t sure where to start? Either way, we can help!

Don’t buy alone!

If you don’t have your own REALTORĀ®, you are at a disadvantage in the buying process. You’re either forced to deal with the seller’s representative on your own or you have to confine your search to houses for sale by owner. You need someone who is on your side of the table.

There is NO COST to you

Sellers pay for the services of REALTORSĀ®, not buyers, so it costs you nothing to have Jim take a look at that neighborhood closer to your office or church or the schools you like better than where your kids go now. When we find the home you’ve been looking for, it costs you nothing for Jim to negotiate the best price and walk with you every step of the way through closing. You will have some expenses for earnest money and appraising and inspecting your new house, but there is no cost to you for Jim’s service.

Important tips

Get pre-qualified – Most sellers will not entertain an offer without a guarantee that the buyer can actually buy their house. If you are not buying with cash, getting pre-qualified with a lender is the best way to make sure you can strike quickly when you find the house of your dreams. We have great relationships with a number of lenders, so don’t hesitate to ask us for a referral if you need one.

Don’t make any other big purchases – If you’re even considering buying a house, put off using credit for any other big-ticket items like appliances or cars. No matter what kind of financing deal they offer you, taking advantage of it when you’re looking for a car can derail or delay your plans to buy a house.

Don’t prejudge your credit – It is always a good idea to talk to a lender. Rules change almost every month, and you never know when something will change in your favor. Even if you don’t qualify, your lender can help you know what you’ll need to do in the near future to be able to qualify sooner than later. Jim will continue to work with you until you are ready!

Call Jim today at 405-637-7960 or fill out our contact form to see how he can help you start the path to your new home today!